About Us

Peoples Services, LLC is a wholly own subsidiary of Peoples Telecommunications, LLC, LaCygne, KS.  We recognize the need for a faster more efficient network to deliver Internet service in this ever changing technological world. Peoples Services, LLC is committed to bringing you the most state of the art technology to keep you connected to the rest of the world. Whether you are running a business or staying connected to family, Peoples Services, LLC has the network to get you there.

Peoples Services, LLC is excited to be able to bring the fastest Internet speeds possible to rural Kansas with Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit through our fiber optic network.

Peoples Telecommunications has been serving the LaCygne area for more than 100 years. Now Peoples Services, LLC is extremely excited to be able to expand this network into the Louisburg, Kansas area.

Peoples Services, LLC | 208 N. Broadway | P.O. Box 450 | LaCygne, KS 66040

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