1. Is my data usage limited or metered? Your Internet data usage is unlimited
  2. When do I start paying for the service?  Any applicable drop charge or security deposit will need to be paid at the time of application.  Monthly charges for the services you select do not begin until your services are installed and turned up. We bill ahead for service and charges are pro-rated so your first bill could be for more than 30 days worth of service.
  3. What is the cost for your Residential services? Please go to our home page and click on the services tab and you will see all of our plans and pricing information-
  4. Do I have to have landline phone with you to have your other services?  Dial tone is not required to have our services.
  5. Do you offer dial tone?  Not at this time.
  6. Is there an application fee?  There is no fee to apply for our service however, we may charge a security deposit that we hold for a year.  This is based on the services you choose and your credit score.
  7. Is there an installation charge?  The charge to put the fiber drop to your home is $300.  This would be in addition to any security deposit we may require and with a 24 month agreement for services.  Depending on the services you choose, other installation charges may apply.
  8. What are the advantages of having a Fiber to the home connection?  Having this fiber connection to your home increases the value of your home, business or rental property.  It also allows you to choose much higher speeds of Internet service with a reliable, consistent connection.
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