Residential Services

Tired of paying separate bills for Internet and TV?

Enjoy the convenience of one bill for both!

Speedwith 2-year agreement
10 Mbps x 3 Mbps$55.00
25 Mbps x 5 Mbps$65.00
50 Mbps x 10 Mbps$85.00
100 Mbps x 10 Mbps$95.00
150 Mbps x 25 Mbps$115.00
200 Mbps x 25 Mbps$125.00
1 GIG x 25 MbpsCall office for pricing
Megabits per Second = Mbps, download speeds listed first/upload speeds listed second
How much speed do you need?
The days of a one-computer household are gone. Today’s family uses multiple devices at once. At any given moment a family might be connecting with three or four smart phones, several tablets or laptops, a game console and a video streaming device. If your family fits this profile, you probably need more bandwidth. Saturating a network with this many devices at once makes it seem like your speeds are slow when actually the household is maxing out their bandwidth. Think of your bandwidth as a highway and your data as a car-the wider the highway, the more cars that can travel it at the same time, getting them to their destinations faster. Households with several family members accessing the Internet simultaneously will be happiest with a faster speed. Contact us to find the plan that is right for your family.
PackageInternet Customer Mo. PriceNon-Internet Customer Mo. Price
Basic Tier$79.99$99.99
• 120+ Digital Channels - includes local channels*
Expanded Basic Tier$89.99$109.99
• 180+ Digital Channels - includes local channels*
Lifeline Local Tier$37.99$57.99
• 30+ Digital Channels*
Hispanic Channels$5.00$5.00
• Eight Hispanic Channels
Channel(s)Monthly Price
HBO and Cinemax$29.00
Starz Package
(includes Starz, Encore, MoviePlex, IndiePlex, and RetroPlex)
Starz and Starz Encore$17.68
Starz Encore$8.72
*Channel counts include HD channels. Channel line-ups are subject to change.

Additional Information

• Activate all HD channels for just $5 a month.  DVR’s $12 per mo per box.  Settops $8 per mo per box.

• Pricing is w/24 month agreement and does not include any installation charges or fees.  Extra wiring additional.

About our Residential Services

According to a recent survey in your area, households have more than 5 Internet connect devices in the home. This means that you probably have multiple users online connected to your wi-fi on multiple devices at one time. Whether members of your household are on their phones, tablets, computer, smart TV, streaming video, or gaming, they are all using your bandwidth which is why you might experience buffering or having to wait for videos or pages to load or buffer. Peoples Services, LLC is here to be the solution to your problem. We can offer Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second so everyone in your home can have a seamless online Internet experience, no matter how many devices or people are connected to your network.

Peoples Services, LLC is able to offer this through our state of the art fiber network. What does fiber mean to you? Since this is the most up to date technology, services delivered over this network are more reliable so you will have a more consistent experience, whether it’s viewing TV or streaming Internet, no more worrying about inclement weather. Fiber also gives us the ability to offer faster Internet speeds not available through older delivery methods, allowing us to keep up with the ever increasing demand for bandwidth. We are working to future proof our network to keep you connected to this ever changing technological world.

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